Finishing Touches

The final step in character creation is figuring out your characters statistics. These are the general d20 based componants of the game. Such as HP (hit points), Saves, and the like. This segment will be set up in a manner to reflect how you should have your imformation presented on your character sheet.


Attributes: This is where you should list your characters attributes.

HP (Hit points): To determine hit points for the first level, use the following formula.
  • 50 + Con Score + d10 Every following level a character will gain an additional amount of hit points based on the following formula.
  • 25 + Con Score + d10
EVE: (Magic Points): To determine EVE for the first level, use the following formula.
  • Wis Score (x1.5) + Cha Score (x1.5) x15. Every following level a character will gain additional amount of EVE based on the following formula.
  • Wis Score + Cha Score x2

ADAM: ADAM is the the name of the stem celleds produced from the rare sea-slug that was harvested to make plasmids. But it also represents an internal “storage” of this vary same genetic material. ADAM, in game terms, is a type of currency used ot by tonics/plasmids at Gatherer Gardens. A character starting ADAM is 100. A character gains more ADAM as an In Game reward, the worth of ADAM is expensive enough that the reward of such shouldent be given but once per session. (More often or less common depending on the GM and the play style)

Plasmid Slots: Plasmid/Tonic slots are the “capacities” of the amount of mutations a player can hold in their body at a single time. A character begins play with one plasmid slot, and 1 tonic slot for each tonic category. This is further discussed in the plasmid/tonics section.

DT: (Damage Threshold): Damage Threshold is determined by armor or racial traits or tonics. Some talents can also provide damage threshold. Damage Threshold is a percentage between 1 and 100. Damage threshold reduces damage by x% and is applied after damage reduction.

DR: (Damage Reduction): Damage Reduction is determined By armor, talents, and some tonics. Damage Reduction is a set number that incomming damage is reduced by. This number is almost never above 20.

Initiaive: Initiative is used to determine your order in combat. The higher your initiative, the sooner your turn comes. Initiative is determined by adding your Dexterity Score to your initiative skill modifier. If a single combatant has +20 more in their over-all initiative then a single opponant in combat, then that player gets an additional standard action against the opponant(s).

Base Attack: A character’s Base Attack is a number added into their “To Hit” value. Base Attack is equal to their character level.

To Hit: A characters “To Hit” value determines their over-all chance to succeed at an attack. All attack rolls, skill rolls, saves, and a handful of other “checks” are determined by rolling a d20, and adding te appropriate modifiers. To Determine “To Hit” add your Base Attack, Plus the relevent attribute (Str or Dex), Plus any misc. Modifiers. (such as traits, tonics, and talents). To hit comes in two categories, “Ranged” and “Melee”. Each one governing a different type of attack.

Defenses: A character’s defenses govern their ability to avoid, defend against, or generally survive the many meens of harm in the world. From rockslides, to tunnel collapses, to a splicer spitting flames, and even acid, Citizens of rapture need to survive many dangerous challenges. Defenses come in 3 categories, Reflex, Fortitude, and Will. A character determines each defense by adding 1/2 their character level plus the appropriate attribute modifier plus any misc. modifiers.

Sanity/Fear: A character’s psyche is often at stake in the ruins of rapture. Many immoral, twisted, and possibly demonic things exist within the cities sub-aquatic walls. A character has a fear/insanity Threshold of Wis Score + 100. This is compaired to a characters Insanity/Fear Score, which is between 1 and 100 (or more). Written as 0/100 at the start of game for an average human. Many events in rapture, and some of it’s inhabitants are positivly disturbing. Creatures of particular ferocity, or events that make your neck hair stand on end have an Insanity Rating of 1-10. GM’s should use their judgement when determining an events Insanity/Fear Rating. A character should differentiate between their sanity and fear values. Some events will drive character closer to gibbering madness, while others will cause them to drop a load in their pants. (Character with an insanity/fear score more then or equal to their insanity/fear threshold has either been driven insane, or has become crippled with fear.

Skill: For simplicity characters should list skills near the end of their characters sheet.

Equipment: Despite rapture having fallen to chaos and degredation, currency still finds it’s uses in the ruined city. Characters begin play with —- “dollars” to buy starting equipment. GM’s should award more currency as they deem appropriate.

Finishing Touches

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