Our Choices Make Us

Our Choices Make Us….


The next step in character creation is to pick starting talents. Any single player gets access to a single talent from the start of the game, and one additional talent for exceptional intellegence. A player with an intellegence score of 15 gets 2 starting talents, and a character with a score of 19 in intellegence gets access to 3 starting talents. A new talent is earned once every other level (once every 4 levels for Big daddies/sisters). You must take a talent from a different tree then the last talent each time you obtain a new one. (I.E. you cannot invest souly in the Leadership talent tree. You would have to invest in leadership, then dual wielding, then back to leadership, or any combination there in).

The Following Talent Trees are Barred to splicers and big daddies. (Exception: universal Talents are open to all races). Splicers have their own specific trees later on.

Leadership Tree

Knowledge Tree

Dual Wielding Tree

Gambler Tree

Rogue Tree

Juggernaut Tree

Soilder Tree

Tactitian Tree

Universal Tree

Talents from the following Trees are barred to any race other then splicer.

Leadhead Tree

Spider Tree

Houdini Tree

Nitro Tree

Brute Tree

Talents from the following trees can only be taken by Big Daddies.

Rosie Tree

Rumbler Tree

Alpha Tree

Talents from the following Trees are open to anyone who has the appropriate Plasmid/Tonic.

Energy Tree

Manipulation Tree

Stealth Tree

Natural Tree

Beast Tree

Augmentation Tree

Natural Power- You automatically gain one Tonic or Plasmid that you can afford as a “natural” power. Natural powers do not cause ADAM withdrawl and use up less EVE. (The amount of ADAM required for the chosen Plasmid/Tonic must be paid when this talent is taken. This talent can be taken multiple times, applying to a new “power”.)

Power Aptitude- You have a knack for Plasmid-Based powers. All DCs for any of your Powers increases by +2.

Our Choices Make Us

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