Survival Skills

While Attributes measure raw gifts and potential, Skills represent a Character’s training and education. Each skill is body of knowledge or a type of physical training in which the Character has ability. Every Character starts with a certain number of different skills rated at different levels of expertise. The different levels of expertise are:

Expertise Number of Dice
Unskilled 0
Student 1
Novice 2
Adept 3
Expert 4
Master 5

When designing a Character, you receive 20 points with which to acquire skills. Every skill costs a number of points equal to the desired level of expertise’s rating in dice. For example, an expertise of Novice costs two points since it carries a rating of two dice. Most Characters begin with between eight and ten different skills. However, there’s an important restriction – you cannot purchase levels of expertise above Adept. The Expert and Master levels of expertise must be gained through Character development.

Skill Use Untrained Armor Penalty
Acrobatics (Dex) Varies Yes
Athletics (Str) Yes Yes
Persuasion (Cha) Yes No
Endurance (Con) No Yes
Gather Information (Int) Yes No
Initiative (Dex) Yes Yes
Knowledge (Engineering) (Int) No No
Knowledge (Life Science) (Int) No No
Knowledge (Social Science) (Int) No No
Knowledge (Physical Science) (Int) No No
Knowledge (Research) (Int) No No
Knowledge (Medical) (Int) No No
Perception (Wis) Yes No
Stealth (Dex) Yes Yes

Survival Skills

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