The 5 Steps

In this section you will learn how to bring a character concept to life, and then drop the newly fleshed out character into the ruins of the once fine city of rapture. Beyond awaits a fantastic journy full of horrible mutants, fearsome foes, and increadible pseudo-science. Now, let us begin the first five steps in this journy.

Character Creation Run Down:

The basics to creating a character for bioshock d20 are as follows,

  • Choose a character race.
  • Choose your characters traits.
  • Choose your characters Talents.
  • Choose your characters trained skills.
  • Calculate your characters other statistics.

We will go further in depth on each of these in seperate sections.


The first thing of concern when designing a character is the concept, these are the cosmetics of your character. His eye color, hair length, attitude, and general life history. You should take some time out, discuss with your Game Master what type of character you wanna play, and then decide his place in rapture city. Is he an unwitting pawn in someone elses game, having been forced into rapture for survival? Is she a once proud chemist now turned splicer who finds comfort in her experiments, no matter who it hurts? The sky’s (and your GMs approval) the limit.


With that step out of the way we move on to the next of the preliminary statistics that need to be decided before you begin the 5 steps to character creation. The next of which is attributes. Everyone has abilities, whether they are increadibly strong, born athletes, or obnoxous egg-heads, every character has attributes. There are 6 primary attributes, these are as follows; To determine your Character’s starting Attributes distribute a total of 35 points among the six of them. You have to put at least one point into each and you can put a maximum of ten in any one. Your Attributes are also modified by your Character’s race,

  • Strength (Your physical strength and ability)
  • Tenacity (A mixture of your endurance and physical resistance)
  • Agility (Your physical agility and flexibility)
  • Intellect (Your IQ and natural learning ability)
  • Perception (Your awarness, and ability to precieve)
  • Prescence (A mixture of your prescence, appearance, and over-all spirit)

The 5 Steps

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