The Mechanics

Welcome to the Bioshock d20 project! Unfortunately, the project was titled well before I ever got this indepth into the project, and it has long since gone away from the original veiw of a “d20 system”. The system still incorporates all the usual dice and mechanics of a d20 system, with a fair amount of changes both mechanical and cosmetic to the system as a whole.

Now, unto the “frame”. The title “frame” is nothing more then a simple replacement for the word “mechanics” in your traditional d20 RPG. It has no effect on gameplay, and is simply a prefered meens to label this section. So, unto the mechanics (frame).

Time: The first section that will be covered is time scaling in bioshock d20. Unlike most RPGs the action will be constant. You can rarely rest more then a couple minutes before the next splicer comes jumping out of the woodwork. However, we do see fit to label a quasi-extensive time outline in order to give you a rough idea of how long specific actions/ sequences of the game will relate to.

TURN: A single turn is an undeterinable amount of time roughly consisting of 2 or more seconds, to a maximum of (usually) a minute. Most turns will be in combat, and as such will take place simultaneously as other players/NPCs turns. In combat, turns are usually 5-10 seconds, depending on the complexity of the action. When a situation is case-sensitive, and requires the tracking of specific seconds, it should be left to GM fiat, and player agreement, as to just how much time has passed, and if the action is possible.

DOWNTIME: This is an expression of the moments of the characters lives that will rarely be interesting to the players, or enjoyable to gameplay. This includes things such as sleeping, doing a routine task, or moving from point A to point B. In simple, downtime is any point in the story when players will “auto-pilot” until something more interesting comes along.

SESSION: A common term in TTRPGs, a session is a collection of the entirety of all scenes in the game that encompasses one set period of time for you and your players to enjoy. Basically, a session is the time spent playing the game that day. Some mechanics of he game’s frame have limitations based of time periods, or even sessions. An ability that only replenishes each session will not be active again until the next time you and your players play once more. (although not entirely realistic, it makes an efficiant balancing mechanic)

The Mechanics

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