We All Make Choices

“We all make choices.”

To start things off, you will be choosing your characters race. There are (so far) 4 playable races in this wiki. I may or may not create more in the future. Humans, although average, are the primary choice for race, due to their mental stability, and versatile nature. Next come the Splicers. They have the disadvantage of being nearly insane, but make up for it with killer instict. Next the Big Daddies. A player should coose carefully before playing anything BUT human. Big Daddies have the advantage with size and power and durability, but their over-all versatility is limited. Finally the Big Sisters. Second only to the Big Daddies, Big Sisters are swift, and increadibly deadly opponants.


Humanity is the Pinnacle of Both mediocracy and epicness. Where one human fails horribly in, another shows great strength. Humans, the most versatile and common of playable races, is a great choice for beginers and those with a taste for creativity. Human Racial Traits are as Follows:

  • +2 divided between two atributes. No two humans are ever the same.
  • +1 Trained Skill (any)
  • One extra weapon proficiany (any non-race exclusive). Humans usually have the fore-thought to prepare.


What do you get when you mix drug abuse with pseudo-science? You get the splicer. What was once human is now something… else. Something.. worse. Splicers are those introduced to ADAM (usually through plasmids). However, unlike regular humans introduced to ADAM, they have gone through a horrible state of withdrawl. Humans CAN in theory become splicers in this system, but it is suggested you do so only in extreme circumstances. Splicer Racial Traits are as follows:

  • -1 to Wisdom and Charisma, Splicers grip on reality is thin, as the withdrawl has made most insane.
  • 20% LESS over-all Sanity Threshold (ST). Splicers are easily sent into spiraling mental spouts and are known to gibber madly.
  • Splicers begin play with a sanity score of 10 less then max.
  • +2 Tonic slot
  • +1 starting plasmid (Must cost less then the characters starting ADAM)
  • Immunity to fear

Big Daddies

Big Daddies are humans specially grafted into armored diving suits. Big Daddies are specially tailored from birth to be obediant. Most Big Daddies are mind controlled pawns who protect little sisters in their task of harvesting ADAM. However some Big Daddies escape the influence of their programmer, and retain or regain freewill. The Big Daddies that DO have freewill rarely ever remember anything from their past life and some of what is remember can be tailored memories. Contrary to the name, Big Daddies can be either man or woman, however their are no remaining traits of gender when the Big Daddy is completed. Big Daddy Racial Traits are as follows:

  • +2 to STR and +1 to Constitution. Big Daddies are Big and Strong.
  • Big Daddies start with 10 Damage Reduction and 50% Damage Threshold.
  • +1 Size Category.
  • Big Daddies begin play with their integrated armor, and auto-matic drill weapon. No other equipment.
  • Big Daddies Start with 1/2 Talents as normal
  • Frenzy (like the Talent) 1/Session
  • Big Daddies do not speak languages. (They do make grunts however)

Big Sisters

Big Sisters, once the “innocent” little sisters of Dr. Tenebaum. Big Sisters have grown to adolescance, and have gained a strong resevoir of ADAM. Big Sisters, like Big Daddies, wear heavy diving suits. However Big Sisters are not necessarily integrated into theirs. A Big Sisters Diving Suit allows them to breath under water, and resist pressure like a big daddy, however it provides no notable armor-based benefits. Big Sisters Racial Traits are as follows:

  • Big Sisters start play with a heavy diving suit and an ADAM needle. No other equipment.
  • +180 ADAM to spend on Plasmids/Tonics.
  • -20% to Sanity Threshold (ST).
  • +1 Plasmid Slot
  • +3 Tonic Slot(s)
  • Big Sisters gain Talents 1/2 as often as normal.
  • Big Sisters cannot use any ranged weaponry other then a harpoon gun (which must be integrated to the suit).

We All Make Choices

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